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 "It was nice undergoing my training at HSE Train Port-Harcourt. I really enjoyed the training. The course instructors were so nice." 

- Yalah Desmond

Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria


 "I enjoyed the training and learnt many new things which I would typically take for granted. I would like to learn more in advanced courses. The trainer was very explanatory and made learning the course easy and enjoyable." 

- Uzoma Onyido

Legal Manager, Technologies Distributions Ltd, Lagos State, Nigeria


 "I believe it's a course every individual has to undergo whether they want to get a job or not. This course puts the individuals focused on the more important things of life. I'm glad I have gotten this knowledge and the purpose is for usage and not for storage! I'm grateful, thank you." 

- John Gospel

Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria


 "The training was successful, methods of teaching very good , instructors vast in knowledge and friendly in nature. I look forward to attending more courses/training with you." 

- Ode Omonigho

Electrical & Instrumentation Technician, Platform Petroleum Ltd, Lagos State, Nigeria


 "It was a cool experience. The trainers were experienced and organized. I really enjoyed the training." 

- Osagiede Sandra

Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria


 "It was a great experience. The programe has equipped me to be prepared for any emergency at the work environment. " 

- Hammed Adebayo

Storekeeper, Ahman Pategi Properties, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.


 "The training was very educating and it is recommended for every technical staff in the field. It was a refresher course that keeps personnel on alert in case of fire incident. " 

- Odigili Ambrose

Production Operator, Platform Petroleum Ltd, Lagos State, Nigeria.


 "The lecture flowed well and very interactive. The practical was also very interesting " 

- Ahmodu Ahmeed

Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria.


 "Having taken the course on safe handling of chemicals, I now have a better understanding of the hazards we sometimes expose ourselves to as a result of negligence and care free attitude. " 

- Afenogho Destiny

Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.


 "Generally my testimony of the program so far goes first and foremost all thanks to God almighty for the opportunity to run the program. The trainingso was a welcome and appreciable one, the company is doing a wonderful job as to have well designed safety program and qualified instructors. Finally, I will say a job well done and hope to return for further or advanced programs. Thank you and God bless." 

- Ernest Osinachi

Choba, Rivers State, Nigeria.


 "During this training, I was widely open to how hazards, safety and environment can be of concern to humans. The training was excellent and elaborate, I learned how environment and humans can be affected positively and negatively. I enjoyed the good company and mostly the refreshment." 

- Aminaho Augustus

Uniport, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


 "Very lovely experience. Instructor was well equiped and skilled in sandblasting. We visited several work sites, live scenerios. Alot of things learned. I am very impressed." 

- Agada Idachaba

Level 3, Rope Access Technician, Lagos, Nigeria.


 "The course was very understable and every facility used for the course aided understanding of the course. The entire system is commendable." 

- Okeke Okechukwu

Facility Inspection Engr., Integrated Oil Shore Services Nigeria Ltd, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


 "The training was very enligtening and easy to understand. All the required HSE guidelines needed to keep ourselves and the environment safe." 

- Martina Esomonu

Field Engineer - Drilling & Completion Fluid, Baker Hughes (a G.E. Company), Port-Harcourt, Nigeria.


 "Had a wonderful time throughout my training period at the institute. The staff and instructors were very friendly and organized. Would really love to be back for another training. Kudos!" 

- Abim Garrick

Uniport, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


 "Great and awesome experience. Can't wait to get started on the next course. Thanks!!!" 

- Ike Casmir

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.


 "The facilitators and training environment was up to standard. Also the time invested in the training was effectively utilized. Kudos to Hsetrain International for a job well done." 

- Marcus Kenule

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


 "My training here was the best experience I have had in a class. I am looking forward to another opportunity to take another training here." 

- Comfort Edet

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


 "The training was very informative and well adjusted to our needs. The training instructor was articulate and the class was interactive." 

- Oyinlola Aiyedogbon, January 2020

Human Resource Manager, Bon Voyage Travel Agency Ltd, Victoria Island, Lagos Island, Nigeria.


 "I now have a better understanding of the following: risk assessment, first aid, fire fighting, emergency situations (what to do and how)." 

- Adeleke Phillip, January 2020

Quality Assurance Manager, Bon Voyage Travel Agency Ltd, Victoria Island, Lagos Island, Nigeria.


 "Excellent training." 

- Odey D., September 2020

Science Laboratory scientist, Echolab Nigeria Ltd, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.


 "Educative, Instructive and Professionally delivered training." 

- Olusoji M., September 2020

Lead Quality Assurance, Echolab Nigeria Ltd, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.


 "It was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the training programme." 

- Obayi M., September 2020

RSO, Echolab Nigeria Ltd, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.


 "The food safety and hygiene course has helped us to serve our clients better." 

- Aphieghere J., January 2021

Jephael Construction Services Ltd, Delta State Nigeria.


 "The online hse course was easy to understand. The materials and videos were well detailed. It was a good experience in general." 

- Bieleonwu O., January 2021

Site Admin/HSE Officer, Contemporary Group Ltd, Asaba Delta State Nigeria.


 "The training has broaden my knowledge about safety in the practical sense. I am grateful to my company for the opportunity." 

- Eronini O., January 2021

Site Admin/HSE Rep, Contemporary Group Ltd, Asaba Delta State Nigeria.


 "The training was a great experience." 

- Jegede E., January 2021

Site Admin Officer, Contemporary Group Ltd, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.


 "It was a wonderful experience. I thought the online course will be cumbersome but it turned out to be helpful and easy to understand. I am glad I took the course." 

- Fe-Akpoyomare B., January 2021

NYSC Corps Member, Pakuro, Ogun State, Nigeria.